The IT-janitor

Suppose you build a house. When it’s finished it’s shiny, new, and clean.

Then you live in it for decades. Stacks of old newspapers litter the floors. Sometimes a bunch of these get thrown out. You only do superficial cleaning, and crud accumulates in all nooks and crannies.

You also want to embrace the new. You enthusiastically follow each fashion trend in furniture, appliances, and so forth. A new chair arrives, but the old one is still in use because grandma gets back pains when she uses the new one. You buy new nice plates and cups, but the old ones are not thrown away, just in case. The new robot vacuum cleaner cleans the living room, but the old one is still in a closet for the cleaning the robot cannot do. Even your replacements of worn out stuff leave leftovers all over the place. Still more crud accumulates in all nooks and crannies. Sounds like a badly run household, doesn’t it? However, it also looks very much how many businesses operate with respect to their IT landscapes.

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Just a short mention today: R&A, Tetradian and Archi are proud to announce a new initiative: UltiMateCloud™, an initiative that takes Big Data and Cloud to its limit — and beyond. Have a look at the website (April Fools hoax, now defunct, maybe at one time I’ll reproduce it somewhere else.).

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Presentation Chess and the Art of EA available on YouTube

I have given presentations of my story several times in the last years. From guest lectures at a university to conferences (3 hours) to presentations such as the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit (45 minutes). I’ve recorded an audio track with the sheets and put the presentation it up on YouTube. The version is roughly 1 hour long, not as lively/interactive as a real presentation (and not as detailed as the book itself of course). But enjoy, anyway:

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A tale of application rationalization (not)

Don’t you just love buzzwords and silver bullets? My first post on InfoWorld was about the cloud as a silver bullet. And Scott Adams from Dilbert catches painful realities as well: see this strip. Now, cloud is a real phenomenon (even if it isn’t a silver bullet), just another step in the constantly growing layers of complexities in our landscapes. And the platform concept that Scott makes fun of is real too, and actually rather useful. Continue reading

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Serious Request 2015

It’s time to do something good.

Every year, in the week before Christmas, the Dutch radio station 3FM sets up a ‘glass house’ somewhere in The Netherlands, three dj’s are locked up in it for a week without food and they air a program directed at getting funds for a good cause. This is called Serious Request. Continue reading

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US Visit January 2016

I’ll be visiting the US (North Carolina, New York) from January 25 until January 28. That creates an opportunity to give an Enterprise Architecture talk or class in the days just before or after. If people are interested to set something up, contact me here.

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Cyber Monday 2015 Deal

As I was too late to set up a really good Black Friday deal, I’ve decided to create a Cyber Monday deal (the books are about the world as it has changed thanks to ‘cyber’ after all). Using the Coupon Code CMD2015 at checkout, you will get a 15% discount on all electronic products of R&A. These include:

  • Mastering ArchiMate Edition II PDF
  • Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture PDF
  • The bundle of both books

Please go to their individual home pages (Mastering ArchiMate or Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture) for links to purchase either or both PDF.

The coupon is valid between 29 Nov 11:00 (CET) and 01 Dec 12:00 (CET) (which lets it run until Monday is really over — in the US at least).

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